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Greetings from Bolshevik Group South Korea to Rome Conference

24 October 2023

Dear comrades and friends participating in Rome Conference:

Congratulations on hosting the Rome Peace Conference.

Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, has been the source of evil including war, slaughter, poverty, inequality, and environmental destruction, and has driven humanity to the brink of extinction, over the past 100 years. However, in recent decades, signs of collapse of the imperialist world system have become clear and the pace of collapse is increasing.

We hope that this Rome Conference will be a meaningful one to accelerate the collapse of the imperialist system and bring energy to the establishment of a socialist world system.

We Bolshevik Group declared the “Beginning of the era of disadvantage of imperialism” on August 15, 2021, watching the defeat of the U.S. imperialism in Afghanistan.

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, the imperialist camp enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.As countries that had previously deviated from capitalism returned, imperialist expanded their super-profit extracting areas. The imperialist Command, NATO, has established submissive governments one after another in the Eastern Europe. But spring days didn’t last long. Things have changed a lot these days. For the past decade, pro-imperialist regime change operations, which are political infrastructure-building for imperialism to exploit super-profit, has suffered.

Despite nearly 20 years of U.S. occupation, Iraq’s puppet regime remains unstable. In 2011, a civil war broke out by bribed reactionary local agents in Libya toppled down the left-wing nationalist regime of Gaddafi, under the aid of NATO bombing campaigns. However, the chaos has yet to be resolved. The situation is more difficult in Syria, where the operation was conducted by the same method. It has failed to bring down Assad, the target of regime change, and is on the brink of defeat due to involvements of Russia and Iran. Venezuela, the world’s largest oil reserves, has not been obedient since Chavez. Imperialist shook the country by the economic blockade and again staged a pro-U.S. coup in 2019, but it remained steadfast. After decades of threatening invasion, North Korea succeeded in the development of nuclear weapons. It is a big problem for imperialism if other targets learn to follow it. The U.S. threatened to start a war in 2017 to put down the nuclear weapon. In 2018, it tried to show a peace treaty as bait. However, there is no significant result. Iran has been a thorn in the side for U.S. imperialism since 1979. They assassinated Iran’s top military commander in January 2020 and threatened Iran by mobilizing all strategic assets such as aircraft carriers, but it is not flowing smoothly. Anez, who staged a pro-U.S. coup in Bolivia 2019, was imprisoned in March of this year.

Under these circumstances, the defeat of the U.S. means that after the spring days of imperialism, a phase characterized by the ‘general current of advantage for the global working class on the one hand and general disadvantages for imperialism on the other hand’ has begun. In the future, the collapse of imperialism and capitalism will proceed faster. The super-exploitation of imperialism will face more fierce resistance from all over the world. For imperialists to achieve something, it will take a lot more manpower and resources than before. Still, there will be more and more obstacles. The internal divisions of the ruling class will occur more blatantly. The colonial puppet regimes will be shaken even more.” – Defeat of Imperialism in Afghanistan and Tasks of Working Class

Since August 2021, the grounds for supporting the concept of the “era of disadvantage of imperialism” have only built. In the ongoing war in Ukraine from February 2022, the US-led NATO is on the verge of losing the war. In July 2023, anti-French regime change took place in Niger, Midwest Africa, following Mali and Burkina Faso, and the French imperialist army was ousted.

The Israeli-Palestinian war reignited on October 7. However, Israel and the United States, which have overwhelming means of war, are becoming increasingly disadvantaged. The war has exposed the atrocities of imperialism and Israel, the bridgehead of Anglo-American imperialism in the Middle East, and anti-imperialist and pro-Palestinian demonstrations are raging around the world. Not only neighboring Arab countries but also most countries in the world are on the side against the U.S. imperialism and Israel.

We are for the defeat of the U.S. imperialism and Israel in the Palestinian region, the victory of the Palestinian Arab and their rights for national self-determination. Only when the Palestinian people free from Israeli tyranny through independence can Israeli workers awaken class-consciousness and truly brothers and comrades of Palestinian workers.

The name of this conference is Rome Peace Conference. Today, the main enemy of peace is imperialism. We hope this conference will be one that confirms that a true peace, a just peace can come only when imperialism is overthrown.

In order to overthrow imperialism and establish a socialist world system, a courageous international leadership united by scientific ideas is urgently needed. Although we, the Bolshevik Group, are not able to attend this conference, we are willing to join the many comrades here for the task.

Down with Imperialism!

Organize an United Front against Imperialism!

Establish a Revolutionary International Party!