International Peace Conference
International Peace Conference
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Dichiarazioni delle organizzazioni partecipanti

10/11/2023 - CP of the Russian Federation, International anti-war conference

06/11/2023 - Friedenskampf darf KSZE-Prozess nicht aussparen!

30/10/2023 - Larissa Schesler, Union of Political Prisoners and Refugees from Ukraine

29/10/2023 - The final victory of the anti-imperialist struggle for sovereignty and peace is certain

28/10/2023 - Final declaration of the International Rome Peace Conference

28/10/2023 - Abschlusserklärung der Internationalen Friedenskonferenz in Rom

28/10/2023 - Итоговая декларация Международной Римской мирной конференции

28/10/2023 - Slotverklaring van de Vredesconferentie van Rome

28/10/2023 - Dichiarazione finale della Conferenza di Pace di Roma

28/10/2023 - Déclaration finale de la conférence pour la paix de Rome

28/10/2023 - Declaración final de la Conferencia Internacional de Paz de Roma

28/10/2023 - Statement from Andrey Kochetov, former Vice-Minister of the Lugansk People's Republic, Russia

27/10/2023 - Rede von Karl Krökel (Handwerker für den Frieden)

25/10/2023 - A message to the International Peace Conference from the Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

24/10/2023 - Contribution to the Discussion regarding the International Peace Coference Rome (en, de, ru)

24/10/2023 - Greetings from Bolshevik Group South Korea to Rome Conference

24/10/2023 - Statement of German conference supporter "Federal Association of Workers' Photography"

24/10/2023 - Open Letter to the Rome International Peace Conference

24/10/2023 - Statement of the german conference supporter "Peace WG of dieBasis Cologne"

21/10/2023 - Freie Linke Zukunft - Anti-imperialism today must understand the strategies of today’s ruling class

14/10/2023 - At The Edge Of The Future - Communist Labour Party of Turkey / Leninist

12/10/2023 - Greetings to the International Peace Conference - Neue Richtung

10/10/2023 - Now Is The Time For Revolution - Süleyman Acar (Mücadele Birligi)

08/10/2023 - Con Davide contro Golia