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06. 04. 2024 - Nación Andaluza - People's unity to fight Imperialism
Today, more than ever before, the slogan of “people’s unity to fight imperialism” takes on a special relevance. Day after day we are witnessing how the madness unleashed against peoples and countries all over the world. A madness such that reaches levels that set us on the verge of a cataclysm of such magnitude that means a risk for the life on this planet itself. From Andalusia we feel as our own the pain suffered from the people suffering the attack from the imperialism. We stand in solidarity with them, most particularly with Palestine nowadays. They have been suffering a process of conquest and colonization, of appropriation of their territory and its expulsion of a part of its population into exile, and have been doing so for over 75 years in a row now.

10. 11. 2023 - CP of the Russian Federation, International anti-war conference
Delegates from 40 international leftist and anti-fascist organizations from about 30 countries met in Rome in October 27 – 28, 2023 to discuss new threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

06. 11. 2023 - Friedenskampf darf KSZE-Prozess nicht aussparen!
Wir begehen in diesem Jahr den 50sten Jahrestag der Eröffnung der KSZE in Helsinki (3. Juli 1973). Eigentlich eine Gelegenheit für Reflexion. Es stellt sich die Frage, warum Regierungen, Medien, Stiftungen, NGOs nichts dazu zu sagen haben (wollen).

30. 10. 2023 - Larissa Schesler, Union of Political Prisoners and Refugees from Ukraine
Ukraine has become a tool of NATO, with the help of which Western countries decided to destroy Russia. A brutal nationalist regime has been established in Ukraine. This regime is masquerading as liberal democracy. The leadership of Western countries approves and supports this lie. Today, civil society in Europe and throughout the world knows nothing about the terror that the Ukrainian government has launched against people who do not share the views of nationalists.

29. 10. 2023 - The final victory of the anti-imperialist struggle for sovereignty and peace is certain
World War 3 is in full swing. Triggered by the war in Ukraine in 2022, World War 3 is spreading to Taiwan and South Korea and through Palestine in 2023. Today, the probability of contagion in Eastern Europe and an outbreak of war in Eastern Asia is increasingly likely. The current situation, where the war in Palestine is expanding into the Middle East War, is definitely sparking wars in East Asia.

28. 10. 2023 - Statement from Andrey Kochetov, former Vice-Minister of the Lugansk People's Republic, Russia
For almost ten years now, genocide has been carried out against us by the fascist neo-Nazi Ukraine that emerged in 2014 as a result of an armed coup carried out under the leadership of the West. They are trying to destroy us precisely because we refuse to betray and trample on our history, culture, and divest of the Russian language that is common to all of us and native to the majority. Our public organizations and political parties, and the media were banned by the fascist state. And recently, our traditional Orthodox Church was placed under a direct ban.

27. 10. 2023 - Rede von Karl Krökel (Handwerker für den Frieden)
Von deutschem Boden würde nur noch Frieden ausgehen, hatten die Regierungen der BRD und DDR im Zwei-plus-Vier-Vertrag vom 12.9.1990 erklärt.

25. 10. 2023 - A message to the International Peace Conference from the Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The production of economic and social crises is an inherent feature of the brutal and unjust system of capitalism based on private ownership of the means of production. Imperialists resort to criminal methods to temporarily escape from crises. They fire workers, allocate financial resources to produce weapons and fund war, and in this way, they start wars to dominate new markets and expand political and economic hegemony. In the ocean of ​blood of children and innocent people, they hunt for their target goldfish.

24. 10. 2023 - Contribution to the Discussion regarding the International Peace Coference Rome (en, de, ru)
I speak on behalf of the International Anti-Fascist Information Center, which was founded this year in Moscow by anti-fascists from various countries. We send you the warmest greetings and wish the congress every success.

24. 10. 2023 - Greetings from Bolshevik Group South Korea to Rome Conference
Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, has been the source of evil including war, slaughter, poverty, inequality, and environmental destruction, and has driven humanity to the brink of extinction, over the past 100 years. However, in recent decades, signs of collapse of the imperialist world system have become clear and the pace of collapse is increasing.