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Now Is The Time For Revolution

10 October 2023

We cannot achieve accurate results via thinking within patterns or evaluating reality according to templates. Describing the war in Ukraine as an “inter-imperialist war of division” is one of the concrete examples of this.

Labeling Russia as an imperialist power, which in reality can only be classified as a “developed peripheral country” in the economic sense, is a caricature and distortion of Lenin’s “Imperialism…” work, nothing else. Especially when you consider the fact that the imperialist bloc organizes the whole world in dependence on itself!…

The “entire annexation” process, which we can describe as the process of “swallowing” all dependent countries by imperialist capitalism, develops as the repositioning of some countries by force of arms and war, some by economic-financial means, and some by diplomatic means.

Russia (and to a certain extent China) is unique because of its socialist past and the cultural and economic formation brought about by that process, the state of the state apparatus, etc. For the imperialist-capitalist masters, Russia is a country that needs to be integrated into the system only by being dismembered and completely destroyed. The current state apparatus of Russia, its cultural-political formation, and the balance of power within the country, are the fields of struggle between those who are the conscious supporters and accelerators of this destruction process and those who resist it. Those within the Russian state apparatus and political power who oppose this process of disintegration and destruction, despite all their desires and dreams of reconciliation with the imperialists, cannot and will not be able to avoid conflict with them in many areas.

Polarizations at a global scale and struggles directly or indirectly affect the revolution in each country.

In this respect, the clash of the imperialist-capitalist powers with the powers led by Russia and China directly triggers the class struggle on a global scale. As the different opponents of the bourgeois world come face-to-face, excellent opportunities arise for progressive, revolutionary and socialist forces.

In fact, the bourgeois government of Russia, as a necessary outcome of its national interests, has supported and is supporting socialist governments in Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Nicaragua, as well as popular governments in Venezuela, and some African countries.

In the same context, it has been forced to act against the fascist puppets in Kiev and to support the People’s Republics of Donbass. It was obvious that Russia had to enter this war if she wanted to survive. Thus, in 2022, the new phase of the war, which had been going on since 2014, started.

Even the question of who started the war is unimportant; we must emphasize that the imperialists started it through a fascist coup in Kiev. For the people in Donbass, this is a war against fascism in Ukraine and against the imperialist powers who support it. Above all, this is an anti-fascist revolutionary war. Remaining neutral or, in other words, being against “both sides” means abandoning internationalist revolutionary responsibility.

The revolutionary proletariat should not disguise the historical duty in the current situation with the words “possibility nuclear war” and must support the people of Donbass by all means. We are the side in this anti-fascist war!

The war has divided the whole world into two camps: On one side the US, British, and EU imperialists and their puppets, on the other side, the socialist governments of Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, and the popular governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, etc., as well as the anti-fascist forces around the world. Russia, China, and Belarus have joined with them just because of their own national interests.

The revolutionary proletariat in each country should fulfill its duties of internationalist solidarity by taking up a revolution against “its” capitalist states, which will surely side with the imperialist camp if the war is extended. The liberation of the proletariat is not achieved through “neutrality” but through the dismantling the imperialist-capitalist system, through the defeat of the imperialist forces, through the destruction of bourgeois hegemony that represents these forces, and through the establisment of the rule of the proletariat.

For a quarter of a century, revolutionary conditions have developed across the world. The imperialist-capitalist system is in a deep crisis. The only methods of rule of the bourgeois classes are repression, violence, war and destruction.

Humanity has entered a new phase, the age of moving from capitalism to communism via social revolutions. The imperialists started a global civil war against the proletariat and working people at the beginning of the century to change this situation. Nowadays, they are trying to start a big war against humanity. Ukraine is the battlefield of this effort, and the Nazi thugs in Kiev are the “suitable instruments.” In this regard, the revolutionary proletariat stands by its brothers from Donbass in the trenches.

For a permanent and just peace, we need to destroy the capitalist mode of production all over the world. We do not have any chance for lasting peace and the preservation of humanity and nature if we do not end the capitalist system.

Under the revolutionary circumstances, the primary duty of the revolutionary proletariat is to seize control of the political power, demolish the capitalist state and end bourgeois hegemony.

Now is the time for revolution!

Süleyman Acar
Editor-in-Chief of Mücadele Birligi

Mücadele Birligi (Struggle Union) is the voice of a revolutionary communist movement rooted in the 1970s. In the political scene, they are called Leninistler (Leninists). The newspaper has been published by different names over four decades. It has been a strong platform for revolutionary proletarian internationalism on theoretical and political issues around the world. On the first day of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, we published an article titled “Choose Your Side”, defending the People’s Republics of the Donbass and the Russian military operation. We were against the stream, and we are! We are in the same trench with all anti-fascist forces in this ongoing war.

In this context, we support the Rome Peace Conference initiative and its final declaration.