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People’s unity to fight Imperialism

6 April 2024 – Nación Andaluza

Today, more than ever before, the slogan of “people’s unity to fight imperialism” takes on a special relevance. Day after day we are witnessing how the madness unleashed against peoples and countries all over the world. A madness such that reaches levels that set us on the verge of a cataclysm of such magnitude that means a risk for the life on this planet itself.

From Andalusia we feel as our own the pain suffered from the people suffering the attack from the imperialism. We stand in solidarity with them, most particularly with Palestine nowadays. They have been suffering a process of conquest and colonization, of appropriation of their territory and its expulsion of a part of its population into exile, and have been doing so for over 75 years in a row now.

We would like to make our recognition and support extensible to the Palestinian Resistance for their heroic stand. Hence that is why we are here today to condemn:

  • The ruthless and inhuman aggression suffered by the Palestinian people in the hands of the Zionist entity. An aggression performed with the complicity and support of the elites from the so-called ‘civilized world’.
  • The state of spreading and enalrgement of current conflicts, in lieu of working towards restoring peace, with justice and security safeguard across the globe.
  • The sovereignty of the people being trampled for the sake of parasitic elites, where the exploiters and resource looters set their own rules which then try to make universal, decimating those who they oppose or resist against them.
  • Millions of people are condemned to live in a state poverty because they are not owners of their own means of production. The Andalusian working class —together with their sisters and brothers from all over the world— is suffering from a drastic reduction in purchasing power as well as their social, working, unionist, and other rights as well.
  • European elites finance their wars with our lives. Now they want our people to also contribute with our blood, taking our daughters and sons to the front lines of their wars.

For all these reasons, at this historical moment it becomes even more necessary, if possible, the unity of action of all those who, in one way or another, understand that a response is required. A response due in the face of the attack unleashed by capitalist elites against peoples and nations. Said aggression meant to one end: the appropriation their very resources, and imposing their political, economic and ideological hegemony over the world population.

In the above context, the mere existence of military bases in Andalusia means a clear violation of the sovereignty of our People on its soil, sea and air. Its purpose is none other than to serve as advanced platforms from where to launch attacks. Said attacks will be targeted against people and nations victims of the predator desire of imperialism. Also, it does serve to maintaining military forces on the ground for a clear repressive means.

Due to our history, the Andalusian People have a immaterial heritage in our culture for peace and life preservation. That’s because we can’t remain impassive on the face of:

  • Using us as support for war and aggression against others peoples in the Mediterranean sea or any other part of the world.
  • Making us a military objective due to the presence of Americans, British and Spanish military bases on our land.
  • Making us involved in the wars of aggression by the Yankee imperialism and the NATO, its terrorist organisation.

Hence the organizations making the Andalusian Platform against the Bases and the NATO, assuming the responsibility has called for this XXXVI edition of the March to Broken. And we do so in the spirits of providing due continuity to one of the most important anti-imperialist and anti-militarist mobilizations which, lasting decades, have been carried out throughout Andalusia and also in the rest of the Spanish state.

We are convinced that only the tightest and broader unity of all those who have in their ideology to stand against the NATO and imperialism in any of its manifestations, can lead us to defeat the monster. And also, to dismantling the bases and exiting of NATO. That would be the best solidary contribution from the Andalusian People in this global fight.




Nación Andaluza